Yes, we still have iPads… :)

Yes, we still have iPads! In fact, we’ve been so busy with them that we’ve ignored this blog a bit. However, recently, I witnessed a project that made me want to share.

Mrs. Miller’s Social Studies class has been studying Greek Mythology and wanted to reinforce some of their knowledge about the gods and goddesses. iFunFace allowed them to research and talk like a Greek god or goddess from the 1st person point of view.

Here are two examples…I hope to share more in the coming days….if those darn iPad’s don’t keep me overly occupied! :)

Hera, Goddess of Marriage of Childbirth:

Hera video from The Summit School on Vimeo.

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Apps in Action!

I have been very delinquent in sharing many of the cool happenings with our 6th grade iPad program. It’s been just about a month since we started the program and every day I see something unique occurring in a classroom. There really is too much to share. That said, I asked a few students to share some of their favorite class activities and I was amazed with some of the feedback I got.

The first set come from an L.A class that were using photo collages to explore new vocabulary words:



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Two weeks in!

Well, as of today, we are officially two weeks into our iPad Pilot Program. Things are off to a great start and I’ve seen so many cool activities occurring in classes. We had a teacher iPad share meeting yesterday and it was wonderful to hear some of the unique ways our creative teachers are using these devices. I also asked teachers to have their students send me some screenshots with an explanation of something they enjoyed doing on the iPad. I got a number of responses and thought I would share some from Mrs. Miller’s math class. They have been using an App called BeatWave to look at the relationship between fractions and musical beats. Below are some student screenshots with the quote and initials of the student who provided it.

I.S. – In math, we were working on equivalent fractions. We used beatwave to find the fractions by using the number of instruments that were in the song.
















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Summit’s iPad Pilot Program starts!

Over the last few weeks, our 6th grade students have received their iPads, attended required orientation sessions and purchased accessories. Meanwhile, our 6th grade faculty has been preparing (for months) by researching apps and attending professional development sessions. All of the hard work was rewarded Thursday with the start of our iPad Pilot program for the 6th grade. The morning began with an iPad scavenger hunt and bagel breakfast. Student’s were given commemorative t-shirts and then sent back to their classes to begin using the iPads as part of their instructional day.  Here are a couple pictures from the morning:

SAM_1308 SAM_1303 SAM_1311

Mrs. A. Shea’s iPad Diary,

Having an iPad in the classroom has been fantastic! There are so many great apps that can be applied to different subjects I hardly know where to begin. However, there are a few apps that have become a classroom staple.
Utilizing the iPads has made class activities more interactive and exciting for students in all of my classes. Two apps I frequently use for warm-ups to get students engaged and ready for learning are Hurry Up Kids and Mad Libs.
In Hurry Up Kids, students must name 1 or 2 things from a random theme that start with a specific letter. This has to be done before the buzzer rings, so they have to think fast. For example, it might say, name one city starting with the letter E. This game is a fabulous oral language warm-up, and is really fun as well. I would recommend downloading Hurry Up Kids and playing with the whole family.


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Mr. Davis’ iPad Diary

iPads in the art room!!!! Oh the possibilities for making art. Digital will never replace the paint, oil pastels, scissors and glue. They will always be staples of any art room. What is exciting to me about the iPad is it will let us create new types of art and have exposure to different mediums. So by exploring the App store and searching the Internet I have found many interesting and helpful Art apps. I’m going to tell you about two of them and how they were used.
I/T learned about Keith Haring and then created their own drawing in his style using simplified figures with bold colors and lines. They created eye catching images that looked wonderful. After completing the project some students used the Percolator to then expand their artistic vision. You can see the resulting images.

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Cases, Keyboards and Docks, oh my!

Update: I wanted to add two more items to this post that I’ve heard good things about.

Tech Grip Clip Case (by Brookstone – available online or in stores) – $39 – Another school administrator raved about these cases for the affordability and durability.

Also available with a built in keyboard for $99

Flexible Bluetooth keyboards (by Brookstone) – The same school had a couple students using these and loved the portability and spill proof nature of this add-on.  $59

The birth of the iPad spawned an entire industry of 3rd party vendors making every accessory one could possibly think of for the device. So the big question is….What accessories does your child need to make their iPad a complete learning tool?

Fortunately, the best answer is not very much. In this post, I will break down accessories into 2 categories: Must-have’s and Maybe’s.  The sorting and actual accessories listed are based on advice given from other schools that have started iPad Programs and from articles I have read online. I am obviously not affiliated with Apple or any of the accessory vendors, so besides what I actually own myself, most of my advice is second hand.

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Ms. Rampmeyer’s iPad Diary

Ms. Rampmeyer’s Inner Most Thoughts on Patti the iPad

I love my iPad, AKA Patti. As a teacher who works mainly with the younger minds in our school, I appreciate the iPad’s ability to capture and engage students.
Recently, my students have been working on sequencing their plans for solving problems, and we have been able to reinforce these skills through logic games such as “Snail Bob,” and “Where’s My Water?” The students LOVE when their center involves the iPad, and as a result of these games, I have noticed an improvement in their ability to front-load and articulate their problem solving process.

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